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List of Services

Our shop has everything you need to create your completely customized glasses from conception to creation, and continued service thereafter.

  1. • Eye Exams
  2. • Prescription Lenses
  3. • Custom Lens Color
  4. • Eyeglass Repairs/ Adjustments

eye exams

Our doctor is available for eye exams weekly on TUESDAY, THURSDAY, SATURDAY and SUNDAY. A full, comprehensive eye exam takes around 50 minutes. Appointments are recommended, but walk-ins are accepted. Our Board Certified Optometrists are equipt to dilate your eyes, fit you for contact lenses, and help with any optical need you may have. As a result of our extensive eye exams, we can make a precise determination of eyeglass prescriptions, and thoroughly check for overall optical health, all with state of the art equipment.

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prescription lens types

Our licensed opticians will assess your prescription and ask questions about your lifestyle routine in order to suggest the best possible lenses to suite your needs. We specialize in the highest quality lenses available on the market, but are always willing to provide suggestions to meet any budget. Here's an example of some of the lens options we provide, to get a better understanding of what they can do for you.

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custom lens coloring

One of the many exclusive services we offer is custom lens tinting. We can make any effect you desire using just five basic tint colors. Whether you choose just one classic solid color, or a funky two–toned gradient is all up to you. Our lens technician can match any color. with over 100 samples in stock for you to see, we are sure you will be colorfully satisfied! Here is a list of the five basic colors we start off with, and a brief description of what each does in terms of lens visibility.

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eyeglass repairs and adjustments

With three opticians on staff we can make that pair of glasses that never quite fit right perfect again, most times on the spot. If your glasses are broken, we can repair them by using the latest techniques, with minimum turn around time.

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