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New York City's premiere optical shop for designer prescription eyewear
since 1989
The History

In 1989 Anthony opened the shop in the East Village, which was considered to be one of the very first high-end boutiques to bring eyeglasses to the forefront of fashion.

The design of the shop, with it’s post-apocolyptic vibe, is still keeping customers and designers in awe. The shop established a strong reputation in New York City by presenting the most fashion–forward eyewear with exquisite displays and providing personalized, knowledgeable service to offer the perfect eyewear for each individual customer.

Known for the most elaborate window displays poking fun at anything— from politics, to religion, to current events. He uses his plate glass window as his forum and has fun doing it. Anthony's shop has always been a known neighborhood hang–out. With a friendly staff who are sometimes consoling those who are inconsolable or offering eyewear advice to those in need.

our founder
About Anthony

Anthony was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. He graduated in 1988 from NYCTC in Brooklyn learning the optical trade from some of the best. At the age of 22, he opened his first store at 42 St. Marks Place as a "Myoptics", joining the group. His pro-active personality enabled the group to move forward in expansion. "Opening up the St. Marks location really put us on the map." says Anthony.

From that point, the internationally recognized company, Oliver Peoples, asked to partner with Anthony and the Myoptics group to open up the Oliver Peoples NY flagship location on West Broadway in Soho. With an atypical design and wonderful partnership with Anthony and the group, the Oliver Peoples store was born. The grand opening was accompanied with an silent auction supporting the Elton John Aids Foundation.

It was a star studded affair held in the newly opened Soho Grand Hotel. Anthony was instrumental in branding his own frame line and accessories along with franchising the Myoptics name. In 1997, Anthony parted ways with the Myoptics group and did his own thing on St. Marks Place, where he has now called home for over twenty years.

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