Frequently Asked Questions
Isn't this myoptics?

We were once a part of the Myoptics group but we have broken away to do our own thing. Anthony Aiden Opticians opened in 1989 as the flagship east side Myoptics location. We have been the premiere frame and lens fitters of lower Manhattan for over twenty years. Because of our reputation, we felt changing the name might throw off our loyal customers. But in fact, since 1997 we have been running independantly from the Myoptics chain. On September 15th, 2009, Anthony Aiden celebrated his twentieth year at the East Village location. On that day he decided to separate completely from the Myoptics group and changed the name to his own. "We needed to have our own identity, have a website, create better price-points and be able throw an in-store sale whenever we want to." says Anthony. "We're now also able to accept most major insurance plans." But we knew we had let our customers know it's still the same shop, same service, same people, so we broke it down as easy as we could in four simple words— "Same gang. Different sign."

When can I get an eye exam? Do I need an Appointment?

UPDATE: Due to Covid 19 our optometrist is available for eye exams certain days by appointment only. Please call us to book an exam.

how long does an eye exam take?

A full, comprehensive eye exam takes around 50 minutes.  We are equipped to dilate your eyes, fit contact lenses (both hard and soft), and assist you with any medical optical need you may have.

how long does it take to make my glasses?

Your glasses are custom made for you. We take painstaking efforts to handcraft your lenses to the precise measurements of your doctor. Depending on your prescription requirements we can usually have your glasses ready for you in a few days.

Do you guys take Insurance?

We accept Aetna, EyeMed, Davis Vision, Spectera to name a few. Please give us a call to see if we accept your insurance.

Can i use my flex spending dollars

Absolutely. Whether you're buying prescription sunglasses, a pair of readers, or contacts, you can use your flex spending dollars here. Our staff will assist you if you need help with the billing. Remember if you don't use it, you lose it!

Can you put lenses in my glasses even if i didn't purchase them from you?

Absolutely. We are more then happy to install lenses into your own frames. Our knowledgeable staff will be able to assess your needs and choose the best lens type to suite your own frame. Check out our prescription lens types section on our services page for a list of explanations of lenses we provide and what they can do for you.

Can you repair / adjust glasses not purchased in your store?

Yes. We will always your accomodate your request for any pair of glasses. We understand you love your glasses and we will do our best to help keep them in proper alignment. Our licensed opticians are here to provide superior frame adjustments. Repairs are done by a qualified jeweler using soldering equipment and the latest techniques to get your glasses back on your face with minimum turnaround time.

Can you help me find glasses that look good on my face?

Our experienced staff of licensed opticians and stylists are sure to help you find what you may seek. whether it be anything from an outrageous pair of sunglasses to just a modest pair of readers. We understand that you are basically choosing a new face, and you should take the time to get it right. Our goal is to find the frame to make your appearance with glasses better than without. Please stop by for a personal consultation, you might be surprised at what you may find.

DO you offer gift certificates?

Glasses make a great gift, but are a very hard selection to make for someone else. Of course we carry gift certificates! Whatever denomination you would like.

do you sell contacts? How long do they take to order?

Yes. We sell contacts. We are competitively priced, and an order can be filled in a few days with a complimentary travel–sized cleaning solution and storage case. All we need is a current prescription. We also offer free delivery to anywhere in the country with a minimum purchase of 4 boxes.

what do you mean my contact lens prescription has expired?

Contacts are treated like a drug, you must have a valid prescription written and signed by a doctor, updated every year.

where can i find more information about aging eyes?

Visit for complete information on macular-degeneration, cataracts, presbyopia, dry-eye and more.

where can i find more information about eye health related topics?

Visit for complete information on eyeglasses and contact lenses, and for an explanation of myopia.

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