From The Beginning

"Looking back, when I first started fitting eyewear as a career, I remember how mundane and boring the styles some manufacturers were putting out were. That was until the late 80's, a transformation took place with the introduction of The Oliver Peoples Collection to the streets of New York City. This new, intriguing company had a story which went something like this; During an estate sale of a prominent businessman named Oliver Peoples, a crate of vintage eye wear belonging to this well dressed but newly deceased individual was sold at auction to an Los Angeles based visionary Larry Leight. Larry saw this find as an inspiration to reproduce and re-invent the eyewear industry. With the filigree details and refreshing shapes of eye wear of yesteryear, he resurrected face jewelry under the Oliver Peoples banner. Coming to New York hoping to distribute this new look to the east coast, Larry sought some names that were stirring the pot of the optical world out east. I being one of them. While viewing the collection, I remember saying to myself, I am going to be part of something big, being instrumental in the revolution of eye wear as we know it. Since then, a strong bond between Oliver Peoples and myself took place. With every passing collection Oliver peoples have proven themselves leaders of this fashion forward industry. Over the years I have witnessed one collection after another coming out and setting the trend. It has been humorous watching other companies following the style, design and color palate of this pioneering powerhouse. Without fail, employees and clients have been pointing their fingers at these very wearable styles with unusual color palates. Our relationship has been strong for 25 years now and I still anticipate every new style that they produce." - Anthony Aiden

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Anthony Aiden Opticians

Since 1989 We have been the New York City's premiere optical shop for designer prescription eye glasses and sun glasses. Anthony Aiden Opticians has brought high-end optical eyewear to the forefront of fashion and introduced New York's East Village to brands such as Oliver Peoples, Paul Smith, Tom Ford, Dita, Ic! Berlin, Barton Perreira, Mosley Tribes, Bevel, Kilsgaard, Thom Browne eyewear and much more for over two decades. We also carry more competitively priced lines of eyewear you love such as Modo eyewear, Intrigue glasses, and Ray Bans, to accomodate most anyone. We also carry children's glasses. Our staff of licensed opticians and stylists, will help walk you through the process of finding a frame and answer any questions you have about choosing prescription lenses. Whether you are looking to buy prescription eye glasses, prescription sun glasses, prescription reading glasses, distance glasses, driving glasses, glare free glasses, hi–index glasses, progressive eye glasses, bi–focal glasses, polarized prescription glasses, plano polarized sunglasses, prescription sports goggles. We can provide custom tinting to make your own special pair of one of–a–kind sunglasses. We have everything you need all under one roof. Our Board certified Optometrists can perform full, comprehensive optical exams, fit you for contact lenses, provide eye glass prescriptions, write contact lens prescriptions, perform DMV tests and check the full health of your eyes, as well as answer any optical health questions. We only carry the highest quality prescription lens types available on the market, but can always make helpful suggestions to meet any budget. Varilux Progressive Lenses, Crizal Alize Anti Reflective Coated lenses, 1.74 Index Thin Lenses, Polarized Lenses, Transition Lenses, Polycarbonate Lenses, and many others, just to name a few. We provide all the services you need to maintain your glasses over time such as eye glass adjustments, eye glass repairs, even new services such as eye glass frame reproduction. We also now accept most major vision insurance plans such as EyeMed and Davis Vision, and our list is growing. Come in for a consutation of what we can do for you, or just come in and try our selection. We are known for our "no pressure" sales by the Zagat Ratings Guide. Glasses are easy to try on and doesn't require removing your clothes!